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George throwing a bitch to the floor

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Announcement: Henceforth my tumblr will be a Prince George Appreciation Blog.

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Arm of the Jeufosse, Autumn ~ Claude Monet


Arm of the Jeufosse, Autumn Claude Monet

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Meringues are the tastiest treats on a rainy day :)


Meringues are the tastiest treats on a rainy day :)

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What! we ought not to punish you, who alone have dared to defend the man who has done so much harm, whom it pleases to put all the vile women that ever were upon the stage, who only shows us Melanippes and Phaedras? But of Penelope he has never said a word, because she was reputed chaste and good.


I know the reason. It’s because not a single Penelope exists among the women of to-day, but all without exception are Phaedras.


Women, you hear how this creature still dares to speak of us all.


from Aristophanes’ Thesmophoriazouses

And here Aristophanes asks the question that is in every dramatic literature scholar’s mind. Why oh why, despite an overwhelming number of ancient heroines, who are genuinely “heroic” for city-state standards- and we will see them in the future- tragedy that has survived revolves around women who are considered problematic in ancient athenian thought.

This question is intricately tied to Thesmophoria, athenian Democracy-and its legacy to the world of today- and as we will see; the concept of matriarchy in early greek space. And I tell you now, matriarchy, is not at all what you think it is. It’s not the dominance of women over men and it is not a utopic perfect equality between the genders- because of slavery not all women are created equal.

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baby husky and its tennis ball

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In the emerald mist

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favourite character meme » seven scenes: conquer your fears [5/7] 

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seasonal fashion according to me

god i hate summer

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only slightly sorry about this


only slightly sorry about this

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So, maybe we’re the
generation of the selfie,
but we’re also the generation
that grew up in a tainted,
Photoshopped world
with every impossible beauty standard
shoved down our throat
through a tube
because eating has become
a guilty pleasure
and condemning beauty ideals
won’t go straight to our thighs.

And if, by chance,
we are able to destroy the
demons that you’ve planted
inside of us with your
constant advertisements and rules
that play behind our eyelids and
take root in our brains,
then let us take our fucking pictures
and capture that moment when
we felt beautiful because all this world
has taught us is that
our beauty is the greatest
measure of our worth.

Scoff at our phones all you like,
these delicate extensions of
our fingers, but know that
through this technology
that you couldn’t even
begin to understand,
we have smudged the entire
world with our fingerprints.
We are the generation of knowledge,
and we are learning more than
any that came before us.
So, frown at my typing fingers;
I am using them to grasp power
by the throat.

Try to invalidate us,
but we’ve heard our
parents talking about
the world’s crashing and burning
since we had sprung from the womb.
We know you’ve fucked up,
and we’re angry about it-
the kind of anger that
fuels knowledge,
that I feel in my veins every time
I read the news from my phone
before school,
that sticks in my throat like honey
in a debate;
the kind of anger that simmers,
that sharpens teeth into daggers,
that makes this generation more dangerous
than you could have ever imagined.

We are the generation of change,
and goddammit, we’re coming.


Emily Palermo, An Open Letter to the Men Who Told Me to Stay Out of Adult Conversations (via starredsoul)

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